Our Therapists

Our staff of trained therapists offers Swedish, deep tissue, pregnancy, reflexology, myofascial release, sports massage and injury treatment. Have insurance? Ask about your options when scheduling an appointment.


Aaron Salo, LMP MA 00004679

Modalities: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Relaxation, Injury Treatment, Pregnancy Massage

What Makes My Massage Unique: Welcome to Ballard Health Center and Wellness Spa--my family's business since 1950!
I have been licensed since 1989, and have both experience and confidence in my technique. I believe every treatment will have a profound and positive affect on your body.

Insurance Accepted: Regence, Premera, First Choice, Aetna, L&I, Auto Insurance, Cigna, Group Health


Saman (Sam) Naderi, LMP, MA 60503830

Modalities: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Structural Bodywork, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Techniques, Pregnancy Massage

What Makes My Massage Unique: I am very passionate about my profession and love how massage manages to always leave people feeling better and brighter than they did before. My goal is to help my clients return to their fullest functioning level after an injury, reduce their pain and tension and help them maintain functioning level. I have always been fascinated by how human body heals itself and how massage can speed up the healing process. My wife suffered from a repetitive use injury and I saw how the associated pain affected every aspect of her daily life. Message was the only treatment that helped her get back to her normal life and it gave me great joy to be a part of that. I listen to my clients to fully understand their individual needs and using combination of different modalities and stress-relieving techniques I help them heal and maintain their health and wellbeing.

I believe that in this day and age, with stressful hours most people spend sitting either during their commute to work or behind computers, massage can be a refreshing break to help the body and mind relax and heal itself. I am dedicated to my work and find nothing more satisfactory than seeing my clients regain their health and happiness.

Insurance Accepted: Regence, L&I, PIP, Premera, Aetna, Cigna


Ariana Will MA 60428074

Modalities: Swedish, Sports Massage, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Techniques, Injury Treatment, Pregnancy Massage

What Makes My Massage Unique: I believe that each massage is a collaboration between the client and the practitioner. I aim to work with the client to find the source of dysfunction that may be contributing to discomfort, rather than just treating the symptoms. I find it beneficial to use myofascial techniques to address constrictive connective tissue that may be inhibiting a full range of motion as well as neuromuscular techniques that engage the muscles to offer release. My massage could be described as slow and patient. I never force my way into the tissues and check in regularly with each client on depth and pressure. I have a strong interest in treatment work for clients with specific focus areas but also enjoy giving an awesome relaxation massage. But above all else, I am dedicated to creating a comforting atmosphere for each individual client.

Insurance Accepted: Regence, Aetna, Premera, Cigna, L&I, PIP, First Choice


Cassandra Whelan MA 60404162

Modalities: Craniosacral Therapy certified, Intraoral Massage, Cupping, Swedish, Myofascial Release, and Neuromuscular Techniques.

What Makes My Massage Unique: I like to take a slow and gentle approach. Using my sensitive skills to listen to the body and work with its natural rhythms. During our sessions, I like to use Craniosacral Therapy to calm the central nervous system. As well as Myofascial techniques to facilitate release, create space and breath in the body.

I previously worked in the dental field for 7 years. It was exciting to be able to bring my dental and massage knowledge together by receiving my Intraoral massage endorsement. Intraoral massage focuses on the muscles inside of the mouth and jaw. It can be very effective in relieving TMJ-D symptoms, headaches, migraines, teeth clenching and grinding.

I look forward to working with you.

Insurance Accepted: L&I, PIP, Premera, Regence, Aetna, Cigna


Michelle Rolfs, MA 60270868

Modalities: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial, Pre/Post Natal, Injury Treatment, Sports Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Cupping, and Chair Massage.

What makes my massage unique: I give a strong and balanced massage; combining treatment work with luxurious relaxation techniques. I have been practicing since 201l; and have developed skills in calming nerves and helping clients become grounded and centered. I also have a talent for treating overuse and repetitive motion injuries. I love working with clients to develop treatments to keep them participating in their favorite activities without pain. By combining modalities, I aim to give each client a solid well-rounded massage while helping them reach their treatment goals.

Insurance Accepted: Regence, Premera, L&I, Auto accidents, First Choice, Aetna, Cigna, GroupHealth

Meet Jodie

Jodie Briscoe, MA 60083607

Modalities: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Relaxation, Pregnancy Massage, Reflexology, Injury Treatment, Traditional Thai Massage

Modalities: Jodi graduated in 2009 from Cortiva Institutes' 1000hour extended licensing program. She has a great reverence for the natural healing abilities of the body, mind, and spirit of each person. Striving to enhance the lives of others by creating positive change through therapeutic touch, Jodi uses elements of Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial techniques, passive stretching, and acupressure to achieve stress reduction, increased mobility, and relief from pain/discomfort.
A lifelong nature lover, Jodi especially enjoys hiking, backpacking, frolicking, and rafting in the great outdoors. She also enjoys spending time with friends, cooking, laughing, traveling, and listening to a wide variety of music.
Insurance Accepted: PIP Auto Injury, L& I, First Choice, Premera, and Regence

Lauren Shaw

Lauren Shaw

Modalities: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular techniques, Injury Treatment, Pregnancy (in semi-reclined and side-lying positions), Post Natal.
Strengths: Pain Management, Mental Health Wellness, Neck, back and hip tension relief, Reduction of Headache/Migraine frequency and intensity

What makes my massage unique?
Clients have described my work as: Renewing, consistent, intuitive, therapeutic, communicative, inclusive and nurturing.
Aware that we all relax and heal differently, I'm happy to work in complete silence or chat through our entire session. As someone who has been the daily ballet student turned consummate couch potato turned...somewhere in the middle, I'm understanding of wherever you are on your health and self-care journey and ultimately hope--whether you're coming in for a mental break or physical tune up--you will feel comfortable, safe and valued on my table, and leave feeling better balanced in both body and mind.

A little about me:
Former Preschool Teacher/Nanny who wanted to be a Veterinarian or Writer "when I grew up," and considered working as a Nurse, Animal Behaviorist, Psychologist, and Naturopathic Doctor before deciding with certainty on Massage Therapy.
Favorite food: Avocado
Happy place: The gigantic, warm rock in the river on a sunny day. Also, rollercoasters
Things I'd like to do: Travel more, take a pottery class
Something I wish I didn't know: That Cafe Besalu exists


Louise O’Sullivan, MA 0013278

Modalities: Swedish, Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Injury Treatment, Neuromuscular Techniques, Myofascial Release and Chair Massage.

What makes my massage unique: I have been licensed as a massage therapist since 1999. I view the body from many perspectives with a background in nursing, acupuncture, dance and yoga instruction. I believe the body, mind, and spirit can ALWAYS HEAL! It would be a privilege to work with you to create an environment where the body, mind and spirit can deeply relax to facilitate healing and wholeness.

bernadette fleming

Bernadette Fleming

Modalities: Pre-Post Natal Massage, Reflexology, Relaxation, Hot Stone, Swedish, & Deep Tissue.

My Massage: I graduated from the Brenneke School of Massage in 2002. My education helped center my massage around mindful attention, deep work and relaxation. I believe client and practitioner work together through verbal and non-verbal communication to trust and let the body heal. My massage incorporates various combinations of massage techniques and stretching to address client concerns.

In 2016, I graduated from Antioch University Seattle with a BA in Liberal Studies with a dual concentration in Spiritual Studies and Human Development & Learning. I enjoy being outside and learning and loving from my four year old.


Korrin Beals

My name is Korrin Beals and I am a licensed Massage Practitioner in the states of Washington since 2014 and Georgia since 2011. I am certified in Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Swedish, Face/Sinus Massage, Reflexology, Prenatal, Thai Stretching and Reiki ll.

My passion and belief in body work is everything to me. I went to the largest and oldest massage school in Georgia, Atlanta School of Massage. Their extensive program taught me the science and love behind massage and well-being. I not only believe in the continuous education for myself but for my clients as well.

Explaining the why's and how's is important in understanding and connecting with our bodies. I am looking forward to working together on a quest for improved health and living.


Alexandra Boucher, LMT

Alexandra had an interest in anatomy and work involving it since childhood. With her parents having a mix of health problems, she realized touch and self awareness of the body could help others through their lives.

Starting massage for her mother before the age of ten, she decided to pursue a career on massage right away. After completing school and earning her license at Finger Lakes School of Massage in Ithaca, New York State, she decided to move West to further her career, but hit a snag with the state laws and had to return to school to earn her license in Washington.

Now, she practices Deep Tissue and Connective Tissue Therapy with a mix of Eastern modalities learned in New York State. Her primary concerns are treating clients’ who are willing to do as much work on the table as off. “I only have your body for an hour, you have it for a lifetime.”

Petra Profile


Modalities: Deep Tissue, Swedish/Relaxation, Trigger Point treatment, Pregnancy and Chair massage.

What Makes My Massage Unique: I am the working person’s massage therapist. From those who concentrate in front of monitors over keyboards, to those who carry heavy loads, on their feet all day, to those who wrangle toddlers and teenagers, all while supporting heavy stress levels. Working people are my people.

As a lifelong NW resident, I enjoy the outdoors, as well as being an avid fiber artist and book lover.


Anders Kobbevik

Modalities: Swedish, Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue

What makes my massage unique: I take a slow, firm approach to relax the mind as well as the body. My goal is to relieve your areas of pain and install a fresh sense of rejuvenation and balance to your body. I am currently credentialed with Regence and Premera ins.

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Kirsten Coffman

Modalities: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofacial Release, Injury Treatment, Pre and Post Natal, Relaxation

What makes my massage unique: My approach to massage changes depending on your needs, but it is consistently focused, nurturing, and positive. I love deep tissue, and injury treatment massage and find it extremely gratifying to help you get back to the activities that you enjoy, pain free. I use a variety of active and passive stretching, and muscle energy techniques and I will be happy to work with your PT or doctor, if you like, to develop a comprehensive treatment plan.

I also am passionate about the increasing evidence of the benefits of nurturing touch. Massage has shown to have a positive impact on symptoms of depression, anxiety, trauma, and ptsd even where medication and behavioral/talk therapy have been ineffective. I see everyday how massage makes people feel more centered and aware of their bodies and confident in their ability to heal and take care of themselves. I wish everybody could have a relaxing 90 minute full body massage twice a month! I see massage as an integral part of any health and wellness program and I am delighted, and honored to support you in this important self-care work!

photo of therapist Barbara L'Ami

Barbara L'Ami

Though her life’s journeys have taken her around the world with different travel and employment opportunities, Barbara has always felt drawn to her work as a massage therapist. Licensed for over 25 years, she finds personal fulfillment in working with clients to meet their needs. Whether giving a massage for relaxation and nurturing, or treating specific injury, Barbara can pinpoint the client’s needs and adjust her massage and modality to match.

Insurance Accepted: L&I, PIP/Auto Accidents, Regence, Premera, Cigna

Therapist Nichole Leibov

Nichole Leibov, BAN, LMT, WA #MA603576

I am lucky to have the perfect career balance in my life: part-time nurse on an intensive care unit at Harborview (15 years as an RN!), part-time mom to an epically hilarious preschooler, and part-time massage therapist at Ballard Health Center (5 years!). So I’ve seen it all, and I would be honored to bring my passion for health to your massage session, to be a part of your injury recovery and preventative health care - relaxation, stress reduction, and pain relief. I enjoy providing all types of massage, but I am especially proud to provide injury and migraine treatment, structural bodywork, and deep tissue. As enthusiastic as I am for my careers, my heart soars among the mountains and saltwater of the PNW, and my life is complete to have my husband and daughter.

Insurance Accepted: L&I, auto accidents, Cigna, Regence, First Choice, Premera