Wellness Massage

Our Wellness Massage offers a wide selection of powerful therapeutic and relaxation techniques to include during your session.Please let us know if there is a type of massage you prefer. Before and during your massage session, communication with your massage therapist is encouraged. Let us help you rewind and restore as your massage is customized blissfully to your needs.With each Wellness Massage, we invite you to soak in our complimentary whirlpool for 15 minutes prior to your massage.

We provide 30, 60, and 90-minute sessions for your convenience, needs, or preference.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage has been practiced for thousands of years, as it is the most traditional massage to alleviate stress and tension. This massage is given by gently warming the muscles through soft pressure applied with the palms and hands. Therapists use kneading, tapping, bending or stretching to help achieve total relaxation. The lengthening and softening of the muscles releases tension and increases circulation of blood and the lymphatic system, restoring tissues and reducing toxins.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage focuses on using slower movement and firmer pressure to reach the deeper layers of muscle and fascia where pain may stem from. This massage helps with chronic pain and chronic muscle tension, postural problems, and other problem areas on the body, and increases range of motion throughout.Although having a deep connective tissue massage shouldn’t cause you any pain, it is often less relaxing and less comfortable than a traditional Swedish massage. Most Practitioners ask that their clients tell them immediately if the stroke pressure is too intense.

Pregnancy Massage

A natural, touch therapy treatment for expectant clients! While this is a beautiful period of excitement and joy, expectant mothers can experience some physical and emotional stress due to new weight, adjusted posture, and changing hormones. Don’t worry!Pregnancy massage can ease back aches, headaches, shoulders and necks, lessen pressure in the pelvic/hip area and other weight-bearing joints, improve circulation, digestion, skin elasticity, and reduce fatigue and swelling.

Prenatal massage is safe for all stages of pregnancy as long as mom and baby are experiencing a healthy, non‐high‐risk pregnancy.Prenatal massage can be performed either side lying using pillows or face down with pregnancy cushions.Pregnancy cushions allow an expecting mother to lie face down, with no pressure on the belly.

Sports Massage

The perfect massage for every athlete: focusing on areas of the body that are overused and stressed from repetitive and often taxing movements on the body. Decrease in muscle soreness, increased flexibility, reduction of recovery time, and even pre-event preparation are various benefits of sports massage techniques targeting muscle-tendon junctions throughout the body. Sports massages can be tailored depending on your sport.

Thai Massage

Thai massage is a system of massage, stretching, and, acupressure developed in Thailand more than 2500 years ago. The client wears loose comfortable clothing, and lies on a mat on the floor. During the massage the therapist may move you into a variety of positions and may use their hands or feet to do the massaging. The overall effect is a combination of relaxation and invigoration. Note: we are not able to combine Hot Stones or Cupping with Thai Massage. Thai massage is available with select therapists only, and must be booked for 90 minutes or more. Please reserve when booking.

Wellness Massage Pricing

30 minutes plus 15 min. whirlpool $60.00
60 minutes plus 15 min. whirlpool $95.00
90 minutes plus 15 min. whirlpool $130.00
90 minute Thai Massage $130.00


5 half hour massage treatments $225.00
5 one hour massage treatments $425.00
5 hour and a half massage treatments $600.00

Additional Services

Cupping Add-on $20

Cupping therapy is a traditional therapeutic method with a history of over 2000 years in China, where the therapist creates negative pressure with glass or silicone cups. It can soften stiff muscles, remove knots, adhesions and toxins from muscle tissue, lift and loosen connective tissues and break up scar tissue.

Hot Stones Add-on $20

In combination with Swedish techniques, the body muscles are massaged with warm smooth mineral stones for extra relaxation and heat.


15 minutes, with a Wellness Massage Included
15 minutes, with a Medical Massage $5
30 minutes, Whirlpool only $20

Our private hot tub has optional high-powered jets and warm brominated spa water that leaves your skin soft and muscles warm. The whirlpool is suggested for use before your massage for the ultimate pain-relieving experience.

*We supply robes and towels, so you do not need to bring anything.
*Please reserve your whirlpool time when you make an appointment so we can make sure the whirlpool room is available for your private use.
*You do not need to arrive early to use the whirlpool. Unless otherwise indicated, your whirlpool time will begin at your scheduled appointment time. Your massage time will begin when you are finished with the whirlpool.

Special Offers for Wellness Massage

  • Early Birds, book a 60- or 90-minute massage that starts before 2:00pm Monday-Friday for $10 off!